Poland: Roads engulfed with chocolate due to a major spillage, traffic blocked

Poland: Roads engulfed with chocolate due to a major spillage, traffic blocked


Rescue officials in Poland are working efficiently to clear one of the country’s highways. The roadway is engulfed with a sticky brown substance; chocolate! It is blocking traffic from both directions.

The problems began early Wednesday, after a huge chocolate-loaded vehicle carrying many tons of liquid chocolate upturned, and chocolate spilled out. It spread across six lanes of Poland’s A2 highway.

The liquid chocolate solidified as it cooled, paving way for further complexities.

The accident happened near the western Polish town of Slupca. Bogdan Kowalski is with the fire brigade of Slupca. He told the Associated Press that “the cooling chocolate is worse than snow.”

Videos published on social media showed rescuers and cleaners trying to move the sticky brown mess with a bulldozer.

The private Polish broadcaster TVN24 reported that the driver of the vehicle was taken to a hospital with a broken arm. The accident happened in the morning when there was little traffic. Nobody else was harmed.

The sticky situation became a trending topic on social media. Some people offered to help the cleanup workers…. by eating the chocolate, themselves.

Marlene Kukawa is a media officer for Slupca police. She told The New York Times that rescue workers needed to remove the truck from the highway first. The cleanup, she said at the time “will take a few hours or more.”

She added that accidents are rare in this part of the A2 highway. And, she told The New York Times, she is sure the area has never experienced something quite like a huge chocolate spill.

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