Protests in Thar end after alleged killers of trader brothers arrested

Protests in Thar end after alleged killers of trader brothers arrested


MITHI: Three suspects, believed to be killers of two brothers in Mithi on Friday, were arrested in a coordinated action involving the police of Tharparkar and its neighbouring districts, sources in the police department claimed on Monday.

They said the arrests were made late on Sunday night but senior police officials of Tharparkar district declined to confirm or deny the claim till late Monday evening. Food grain traders Daleep, 42, and his brother, Chandar, 40, who belonged to the Maheshwari community, were shot by two assailants who reportedly snatched an undetermined amount of money from them while they were busy dealing customers at their outlet in the Shahi Bazaar of Mithi on Friday morning.

Daleep died on the spot and Chandar succumbed to his wounds while he was being transported to a hospital.

The murders sparked a wave of street protests by the businessman and Hindu communities in many towns of Tharparkar and Umerkot districts which continued for three days.

Some police officers privy to the investigation were quoted as saying that more data regarding the incident and suspected killers were being collected and the available evidence undergoing vetting. They advised local reporters to wait until a “breakthrough” was made public by senior police officers of the district.

However, Tharparkar SSP Amir Saud Magsi reportedly deferred the press conference he was expected to hold on Monday evening.

“We are still working on the case … once everything is fully investigated and analysed, we will let you know the details,” he said when contacted to seek his comment.

The SSP also did not disclose the number and identities of the “key suspects” arrested in the case.

Meanwhile, life in almost all towns of Tharparkar district returned to normal on Monday after three days of total shutterdown observed on the call of various organisations of the local businessman community and traders’ organisations.

Normal business and trade activities were witnessed in bazaars, markets and commercial areas after Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leaders, including Dr Mahesh Kuman Malani, communicated to leaders of the protesters that the police had found clue to the killers.

courtesy-Dawn, January 9th, 2018

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