Public Overwhelmed as Petrol Prices Rise and Commuting Gets Cheaper

Public Overwhelmed as Petrol Prices Rise and Commuting Gets Cheaper


The most sought-after ride hailing service, Careem, has decided to strike down the fare charges on two of its vehicle types, making it more convenient for people.

Earlier this year in January, Careem elevated its rates in some of the cities of Pakistan due to the rise in fuel prices. This time the service is taking the opposite action by reducing the prices on two of its services, namely Careem Bike and Careem Tezz, its rickshaw service.

The two services were already cheaper than the rest of the car types, and the firm has now made it even economical. The per kilometer rate and per minute charge of both the services have been modified.

While Uber introduces cheaper ride but requires walking, Careem Bike service will now charge Rs 49 for the initial five kilometers and Rs 5 for the additional per kilometer charge with Rs 2 additional per minute charge. Similarly, the second type, Careem Tezz will charge Rs 60 for the first five kilometers with Rs 13 for additional per kilometer charge, and Rs 2.5 for additional per minute charge.

The service is considered well-received and is the most favored ride hailing app in country. Also, it’s available on both Android and iOS making lives easier for all the users.


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