World Press Freedom Day Observed Today

World Press Freedom Day Observed Today


The 3rd of May is celebrated as World Press Freedom Day all across the globe. Pakistan will also be celebrating with events and seminars being held by the journalist fraternity. The sad side, we are ranked 139th when it comes to freedom of press. The bright side – we climbed eight positions as compared to 2016, now that is some relief.

For the first five months of the year, the sight looks pleasant as there have been no media related killing so far. The country went on adopting a controversial bill, Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act in 2016. The bill curtails criticism of various institutions of the state including judiciary and military, a move many termed as violation of freedom of speech, a preamble to Pakistan’s constitution.

Committee to Protect Journalist accounts for almost sixty media related deaths since 2000 in Pakistan, making it the 4th deadliest country for journalists. The Pakistani media are regarded as among the freest in Asia but are targeted by extremist groups, Islamist organizations, and the feared intelligence agencies. There are fatal attacks on journalists every year, though the number has dropped for the past four years.

But, none of this has held back the courageous media that has gone lengths in exposing the corruption and malpractices in various state affairs. The all hyped and history deciding Panama Corruption Case in only happening because it was a bunch of journalist that went on exposing the affair. The team also included Pakistani journalist. Recently Hamid Mir, a seasoned journalist was also awarded as The Most Resilient Journalist in Hague, Netherlands.
We may have our own set of worries and troubles but there is a lot happening on the international canvass as well, making this year’s observance far more important. The newly elected United States government has termed the local media as hostile. While Trump calls them as enemy number one and has openly criticized media for airing fake news (his interpretation of news when it is anti-government). would like to commemorate our local journalist in words of Warren Ellis.

“You’re miserable, edgy and tired. You’re in the perfect mood for journalism.”

Keep revealing the truth, keep exposing the hidden. Kudos to all of from technicians to support staff and from press to print peep.

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