9 inspirational quotes to kickstart your weekend

9 inspirational quotes to kickstart your weekend


After a long, tiring week at work it’s important to make the most of the weekend. Don’t waste these precious days off worrying about the week ahead, and use this time to achieve and do anything you’ve set your mind to.

The first thing you’ll need to make this happen is a lot of positivity and good vibes so fill your Instagram feed with some inspiration and motivation, and get excited for the weekend!

These are our a few of our favorites:

1. This simple but true motto to live by from The Good Quote.

2. This gentle reminder to give yourself a break, and accept that it’s okay not to take on and solve every challenge, from the insta-famous children’s author Dallas Clayton.

Image credit: Dallas Clayton

3. Rise and shine with this uplifting saying to remember every morning from David Roads.

Image credit: David Roads


4. This is good reason to not let regrets hold you back, and to keep moving forward from The Wise People.

Image credit: The Wise People


5. Why not spend the weekend reflecting on how far you’ve come and everything you’ve achieved so far? Good advice from Know Your Dream.

Image credit: Know Your Dream


6. This inspirational quote to think of whenever you’re working hard to reach your goals by Motivational Vibes.

7. This super cute quote from Dr. Seuss posted by Daily Inspiration.

8. This reminder of why positivity and believing in yourself is so important from  Positive Quotes Daily.

9. This important message to always keep in mind, posted by Shay Mitchell  

Image credit: Shay Mitchell
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