Shopping during the psychologically irresistible SALE – Are you saving or spending?

Shopping during the psychologically irresistible SALE – Are you saving or spending?


It is always great to go shopping and to find items you like or which have even been on your wish-list for a while at great prices! We all love a sale and to find bargains, regardless of whether you shop online of in a store. But, just in case you need more convincing, we have put together a list of great reasons why it is worth to shop for clothes during sales – from personal benefits and saving time to helping out the economy, shopping is a great activity you should enjoy at least every once in a… SALE!

For some shoppers, clearance racks are like catnip. The impressive differences between the “original prices” and the dramatically marked-down rates draw them in, leaving the impression that these deals are just too good to pass up. Yet the truth is that a “deal” isn’t a deal when you buy things you don’t end up using, and you spend money you wished you hadn’t.

Shopping is often described as a competitive sport. And with items that are discounted and in short supply, the fear of “missing out” is heightened by the knowledge that you’re competing with others.

  1. Shopping burns calories

If you want to keep yourself toned and in shape, shopping is a great way to achieve that. It might sound like an urban myth, but this is a fact.

The amount of calories you burn when shopping is correlated to your body weight, to the time you spend shopping and to the way you shop. Carrying shopping bags is also part of the equation. Even the lightest shopping spree can in fact burn double the calories you would be spending if you were to sit and watch TV.

These activities put your body into motion and keep it toned. People who shop regularly don’t actually need to exercise: they get all their work-out from shopping.

If shopping in general burns these many calories, think about what speed-shopping does for you! During sales time one will always shop faster, because you want to make sure the items you want to buy won’t go out of stock.

  1. You save money

One of the main benefits of shopping during sales is of course, saving money. Everybody knows this, but many people don’t realize what this actually means. Think of the amount of money you would be spending on clothes in year and imagine that everything came at least 10% off.

Think of the amount of money you would be spending on clothes in year and imagine that everything came at least 10% off. For example, if you spend $2000 on clothes each year and everything was just 10% off, you would be saving $200, which is enough for some new

Considering that during sales, everything comes at bigger discounts than 10%, you will be able to save a lot more money than you would expect. Maybe enough even to open a savings account.

  1. Buy more for less

Speaking of budgets, it is very important to lay out a budget for clothes. When you are planning your spending, it is always crucial to know how much of your income you actually want to spend on clothes. Going too much overboard can leave you in debt, which is a situation no one should ever be in. Sales are a great time for cautious shopaholics, as they allow you to buy more items under the same budget you had before the sale started.

  1. Sales are a great time for gift-shopping

If you are planning on buying gifts, sales are a great time to purchase things for your aunt, your colleagues and your buddies alike. Offers such as “Buy 3 at the price of 1” or “Buy 1, get 1 free” can get you a lot more gifts covered in a shorter timeframe.

  1. You can buy enough clothes to have next season too

During sales, given all the advantages we’ve mentioned this far, you can actually shop for clothes you won’t be needing anytime soon. Bathing suits, socks, underwear, ties, bow ties, pocket squares and other items are all products you can buy more of at once and then use in the flow of time.

There is no rule that you need to wear the things you buy within the next six months or else you have to give them back! When you find a good sale, stock up on ties, socks and underwear and you will thank yourself later.

  1. Getting out of your comfort zone

At often times when people go shopping, they want to buy certain things but fear that they won’t like it later or that “it’s not them”.

Sales are a great time to get out of your comfort zone, as you can purchase things you wouldn’t normally buy and not spend too much money on them.

A lot of men want to buy things like white pants or printed t-shirts just to get out of their comfort zone, but feel like the price is not worth the risk. Sales are an amazing time to skip these emotional barriers and go for something you always wanted but were never sure it “was you”.

  1. You help the economy

Responsible shopping is always a wonderful way to help the economy. Spending money in a cautious manner is a great way to make sure the economy you live in will get a boost which will translate in a better way of life for your community and for yourself.

  1. You can get designer clothes at affordable prices

A lot of time, during sales seasons you can find a lot of designer clothes at affordable prices. This is really something special if you are a guy who is interested in adding some designer items in his wardrobe.

You can buy a wide variety on things on sale, as there are no brand exclusions.

Moreover, the more you buy during the sale, the more you save. If you don’t want to buy a lot of items, you can find a group of friends and make a group purchase because there are great discounts for bigger sums spent.


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