Year in review: Exceptionally odd events from 2018

Year in review: Exceptionally odd events from 2018


Life is full of events. Sometimes you encounter phenomenally odd circumstances which leave you flabbergasted and plunge you into pondering that how this just happened. These jaw-dropping events may leave deep impact on your minds.

These could be happy, sad as well as awe-inspiring moments.

Year 2018 has also had such abnormal incidents; here are the weirdest of all such stories.

Car runs over child and what happened next will blow your mind!


The 1.59-minute clip titled ‘Lucky Day’ was posted by a user in February 2018 in Brazil . The footage, which was captured on a CCTV camera shows a little child playing around a parked car, while the adults are seen working around the car’s open boot.

The child, who at that moment is crouching in front of the car goes unnoticed. Soon after, one of the adults gets inside the car and drives over the child.

Quite unexpectedly, the child even after being run over by the car, gets up and runs to the other adult nearby.

UFO hunters shocked after spotting bizarre orb shape on Google Earth

New York

Many conspiracy theorists went into a frenzy online after bizarre footage emerged on Google Earth which shows what appears to be an alien spaceship in March 2018.

The clip was uploaded on YouTube channel UFOmania, and shows an orb seen floating above trees on the border between Vermont and New York state.

The coordinates of a location have been typed into the mapping system to bring up East Lake George in New York state. The street view angles about until it zooms in on a strange dark shape in the blue sky.

Citizens afraid of huge ‘half human, half animal’ beast


The terrifying footage of a mysterious creature terrorising a neighbourhood has left resident in the town of Santa Fe, Argentina completely spooked in April-2018

A bizarre photo snapped by a local resident shows a creature with four, tall and thin legs. It has a hunchback similar to a camel, a long neck and a face which resembles a horse or a rabbit.

The creature is walking on all-fours and looks to be a humongous 7ft. The giant animal has so far butchered two dogs – a German shepherd and a pitbull.

Massive ‘mysterious’ sinkhole splits New Zealand farm into two


A dairy farm at a New Zealand Town has been split in two after a giant sinkhole appeared on the land overnight on May 12.

The amazing sight appeared on the farm near the town of Rotorua on the North Island of New Zealand, where rock deposits from a 60,000-year-old volcano have become visib

Florida city sends ‘zombie alert’ during power blackout


Residents in a Florida town were concerned after a mass ‘zombie alert’ text was sent out during a power outage in the middle of the night.

The bizarre push alert message was sent from the City of Lake Worth in Florida around 1.45 am on May 20 in the midst of a power blackout. It read: “Power outage and zombie alert for residents of Lake Worth and Terminus.

“There are now far less than 7,380 customers involved due to extreme zombie activity. Restoration time uncertain.”

Americans breath a sigh of relief as Raccoon conquers skyscraper


America breathed a sigh of relief on June 15  after a scruffy brown raccoon was captured safe and sound following a perilous climb up a skyscraper in the northern state of Minnesota.

Thousands of Twitter users followed the escapades of the raccoon on June 15 as it slowly inched up the side of the UBS Plaza building in St. Paul, Minnesota.

A local television station provided a live stream of the anxiety-producing journey of the animal, which apparently had been scared by construction workers at the building’s base.

Football team found alive in cave after nine days


Twelve boys and their football coach trapped in a flooded Thai cave for nine days were “found safe” on July 2, in a miracle rescue after days of painstaking searching by divers.

There had been no contact with the boys, aged between 11 and 16, since they went missing with their coach — aged 25 — last Saturday.

The massive rescue effort had been hampered by heavy rains that flooded the Tham Luang cave in northern Thailand, blocking access to chambers where it was hoped the group would be found alive.

Daring buffalo unleashes attack on herd-hunting lioness

South Africa

Lion’s reign of terror in the jungle is common, but it becomes attention-seeking when jungle king is challenged by another wildlife predator in August 2018.

It happened when a lioness’ attempt to hunt a herd of buffalo in South Africa was foiled when one of the animals turned on her and chased her away.

Police arrest 55-year-old biker for one-wheeling in Gujranwala 


Police in Gujranwala on September 11, had arrested a 55-year-old man for one-wheeling on his motorbike, after several of his videos went viral on the social media.

Anti-one wheeling squad incharge Zaheer said a operation was conducted last Sunday night to arrest the man named Chan Elahi. He has been locked up at the Kotwali police station on September 11.

China to launch its own ‘artificial moon’ to light up streets 


A Chinese city was planning to launch an artificial moon by 2020 to replace streetlights, a Chinese daily reported on October 19

Chengdu, a city in southwest China’s Sichuan province, announced in October that it was planning to launch an “illumination satellite” also known as artificial moon by 2020. It would have eight times more light than the real deal, reported the Peoples’ Daily.

Not-so-Leaning Tower of Pisa as landmark straightens 


The Leaning Tower of Pisa is now stable and has even straightened slightly thanks to engineering work to save the world-renowned tourist attraction, experts had said on November 23.

The tower’s Surveillance Group — set up to monitor restoration progress — said in a statement that after 17 years of observation “the Tower of Pisa is stable and very slowly reducing its lean.”

Engineering Professor Nunziante Squeglia of Pisa University said that the 57-metre (186-feet) monument had straightened by four centimetres (1.5 inches), Italian media reported.

Jazz artist plays guitar during brain surgery 


South African jazz artist Musa Manzini had played his music all over the world, but one performance stands out – strumming his guitar while surgeons operated on his brain in December 2018.

A video of the multi-instrumentalist and university lecturer taken during the six-hour surgery for a brain tumour, showed him lying on his back in the operating theatre, surrounded by scrubbed-up medical staff, plucking the strings of his guitar.

This allowed doctors in the South African city of Durban to observe which areas of his brain Manzini used to play music, allowing them to preserve those areas and also restore some movement to his fingers, which were affected by the tumour.

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