RBS Fined $500m for mis-selling Financial Products

RBS Fined $500m for mis-selling Financial Products


The Royal Bank of Scotland established in 1724, has profoundly concurred to a $500m (£359.7m) settlement with New York State, owing to the mis-selling of financial products in the lead up to the 2008 global financial crisis.

RBS is the sixth bank so far to settle with the state over similar claims, linked to risky mortgages.

The agreement will be an official issuance to ensure the bank pays $400m in relief to homeowners, as well as $100m to the state.

RBS still faces a potentially substantially massive fine from the US Department of Justice.

The bank upheld saying that last month that it had put aside £3.2bn ($4.4bn) to cover upcoming settlements with the US and others.

The sale of the risky mortgage-backed securities had contributed to a housing price crash during the financial crisis, the New York attorney general’s office claimed

“While the financial crisis may be behind us, New Yorkers are still feeling the effects of the housing crash,” added the state attorney-general ‘Eric Schneiderman’.

“Today’s settlement is another important step in our comprehensive effort to help New Yorkers rebuild their lives and communities.”

RBS is majority owned by the UK government. It has been trying to return to and yield financial health since the financial crisis, when it was bailed out for tens of billions of pounds.

The bank said last month that it had successfully managed to yield profit for the first time in ten years and hopes to maintain the same way in future.

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