Rupee trades stable against dollar

Rupee trades stable against dollar


In the local currency market, the rupee continued to trade under pressure against the dollar in the open market last week while the country’s foreign exchange reserves skimmed through to $17.286 billion last week against $17.712 billion a week ago.

The dollar traded unchanged against the rupee for the second straight week as the rupee traded stable against the dollar on the interbank market last week at Rs115.61 and Rs115.62 in all five trading sessions.

In the open market, the rupee moved both ways against the dollar, trading in narrow range between Rs117.50/80 and Rs118.00/60 last week.

The week started off on a negative note as the rupee dropped off its weekend firmness on Monday, changing hands at Rs117.50 and Rs117.80 against the last closing at Rs116.70 and Rs117.20.

Despite comfortable dollar supplies, the rupee downtrend against the dollar continued on Tuesday enabling the dollar to increase to Rs118.10 and Rs118.60.

On Wednesday the dollar slipped to Rs117.70 and Rs118.20.

As positive sentiments prevailed in the market, the rupee upward march against the dollar persisted on Thursday trading at Rs117.50 and Rs118.00.

The dollar closed the week at Rs117.30 and Rs117.80, following flat demand from corporate and private sector in interbank.

The euro, however, rebounded sharply on Monday with the rupee dipping to Rs139.30 and Rs141.00 against the previous weekend’s Rs138.00 and Rs140.00.

On Tuesday the rupee changed hands against the euro at Rs139.50 and Rs141.00.

The rupee managed to stage a slight recovery against the euro on Wednesday. At the close of the session, the euro was seen trading against the rupee at Rs139.40 and Rs141.00.

The rupee rebounded against the euro on Thursday, with the euro descending to the week’s lowest level at Rs138.85 and Rs140.20

Finally, the rupee ended the week on a negative note against the euro. Failing to hold firm ground in the last trading session, it closed the week at Rs139.60 and Rs141.10.


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