Russia says it successfully launched a hypersonic missile, one of its 6 “invincible” weapons

Russia says it successfully launched a hypersonic missile, one of its 6 “invincible” weapons


Russia reported that it has proven “successful” a hypersonic missile, one of the 6 “invincible” weapons presented by Russian President Vladimir Putin, “in response to the United States” last week.

The Russian Ministry of Defense released a video showing the missile detaching from a fighter plane and leaving a trail of fire behind.

The firm assured that the “target” to which it was aimed was reached .

On March 1, Putin described the Kinzhal missile as “an ideal weapon” and indicated that it was part of a reserve of “invincible” weapons .

It is estimated that the Kinzhal can travel at 10 times the speed of sound and that it covers a distance range of about 2,000 kilometers.

The ministry said the missile was launched Saturday from a MiG-31 jet that took off from an airfield in southwestern Russia.

“The launch was carried out according to plan, the hypersonic missile hit its target,” said the agency.

What is the Kinzhal?

As part of his annual address to the nation, before both Houses of the Federal Assembly (Parliament), Putin showed a group of weapons of war including intercontinental missiles to hypersonic rockets and laser weapons.

According to Putin, they were created in “response to the unilateral exit of the missile defense treaty by the United States.”

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, March 1, 2018.Copyright of the AFP imageImage caption Putin gave his speech on the state of the nation less than three weeks before the presidential election, in which he is the favorite candidate.

“Before we had the new weapons systems, nobody listened to us, listen to us now!”

Kinzhal is the system of hypersonic missiles of aerial launching, “Dagger”, and was the denomination that Putin used for the new “hypersonic weapon” Russian.

According to the president, it is a highly accurate hypersonic aerial launch platform and its speed makes it invulnerable to the current air and air defense systems.

In addition, he reported that the system is since last December in “experimental combat service” at the aerodromes of the Southern Military District.

Among other features, he pointed to its high performance and high speed.

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