Russia, Turkey and Iran will fight together the “terrorists” in Syria

Russia, Turkey and Iran will fight together the “terrorists” in Syria


The leaders of the three countries committed themselves to cooperate in favor of the end of the armed conflict.

From left to right: the Iranian Hasan Rohaní, the Turk Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Russian Vladimir Putin

The presidents of Russia, Iran and Turkey declared on Wednesday (04.04.2018) at a trilateral summit in Ankara their commitment to work together in favor of ending the armed conflict in Syria.

In an appearance before the press after the meeting, the Turkish leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, emphasized the need to fight “all terrorist organizations, without distinction”, in reference to the Kurdish militias.

Iranian President Hasan Rohani said that “some countries, like the United States, wanted to use terrorist organizations as tools”.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced that “the terrorists are trying to poison the peace process”, which he said is already taking place in Syria after defeating the Islamic State.

“Durable solution” for Syria

In addition, the three leaders signed a joint statement, released by the NTV network, which foresees finding a “durable solution” for Syria, accelerating the so-called “Geneva process”, under the UN’s mediation.

The text recalls that “the only effective foreign intervention” in favor of peace so far has been the “Astana process”, sponsored by Turkey, Russia and Iran.

The statement also calls for continuing the fight to “eradicate the Islamic State, the Al Nusra Front and all groups linked to Al Qaeda or the Daesh (Arabic acronym for IS).”

However, it asks to differentiate from these “terrorist organizations” the “armed opposition groups that participate or participate in the ceasefire” and “prioritize the prevention of the death of civilians”.

Peace, adds the note, will be achieved through “free, fair and transparent elections in which all Syrians participate and which are held under the timely observation of the United Nations.”

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