“Saif was ready to change Taimur’s name to Faiz“ says Kareena

“Saif was ready to change Taimur’s name to Faiz“ says Kareena


Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s son Taimur became one of the most talked-about star kids since the day he was born, especially because of his name. However, turns out that Saif initially had names in his mind for the baby.

Kareena, who recently attended the ‘India Today Conclave 2018’ alongside her sister Karisma Kapoor, revealed that her husband Saif was ready to name their son after the Pakistani poet “Faiz Ahmed Faiz”.

Saif and Kareena named their first born Taimur, leading many in believing that he was named after the Turco-Mongol conqueror Timur, who was known for slaughter of many Hindus. This led to a lot of backlash and repercussions as Bollywood couple faced a lot of condemnation.

However, recently while speaking at the event, Kareena told Indian journalist Rajdeep Sardesai that her husband, who is known for his intellect, wanted to change Taimur’s name to Faiz after the famous Pakistani poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

“Saif was ready to change his name to Faiz. He said, ‘Bebo, that is a more poetic, more romantic name,’ but I was not going to succumb to public pressure. My son is Taimur and will grow up to be, like his name, an Iron Man one day.’’

At the same event, Kareena was also joined by America’s presidential candidate of 2017, Hilary Clinton.

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