Saudi Government Wishes New Year Depicting The New Liberal Face of the Kingdom


The latest video released by the government of Saudi Arabia to wish new year is doing the rounds in which apparently the kingdom is showcasing a new face to the rest of the world.

It can be seen in the video that a group of young people wish the world a Happy New Year and describe themselves as people who are ‘limitless’ and who want nothing short of ‘the best’.

One can’t see the advertisement and help but notice the new liberal face of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which the government is trying to promote ever since Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has taken over the reins of the country.

Mohammed bin Salman is an ambitious prince who is next in line to succeed his father as the King of Saudi Arabia after him.

Mohammed bin Salman was the driving force in having the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia overturned and is establishing himself as a global figure by entering into important business arrangements with the rest of the world.

Mohammed bin Salman has also helmed an ambitious economic program that aims to diminish Saudi Arabia’s dependency on petro dollars and give its economy a more diverse look.

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