Say Hello To Summers With Glowing Skin


Summers means damaged, tanned and sun burn to your skin. Here are some very easy remedies which will say goodbye to the summer dullness of your skin.
First of all proper cleansing is must. Skin sweat in summers and its oily. Avoid using a face wash or a scrub which dries your skin. Dryness is not good for skin health.
Try using face wash or facial soap only twice a day. To get rid of the extra oil from your face take two to three lemon juice drops on your palms. Rub your palms together and apply it on your face. Wash it off with tap water.
You can avoid face wash, use gram flour instead. It helps brighten skin and it prevents oily skin.
Now for the sun burn, cucumbers are the best. Grate a half cucumber, add half table spoon honey and few drops of lemon juice. Mix it up now apply it on the areas burnt by the sun. Do it regularly for a week you’ll notice a massive difference.
You can use potatoes as well for suntanned skin. Slice a potato thinly and place the slices on your skin. When potato slices are darkened remove them. It helps recover the original tone of the skin
Last but not the least wash your face with properly before going to bed daily. If your skin is really oily then say goodbye to your night creams for the summer season.
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