Selective application of Constitution should not happen: ISPR chief

Selective application of Constitution should not happen: ISPR chief


Selective application of the Constitution shouldn’t happen, and keeping the Constitution supreme in its true spirit is everyone’s responsibility.

This was stated by Major General Asif Ghafoor, the director general Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), during an interview on a private TV channel. He also said no individual is greater than an institution, and no institution is more important than the state.

Later, on the Express News show Kal Tak, Maj Gen Ghafoor told host Javed Chaudhry that the armed forces of Pakistan are an institution of the state and whatever decision the government makes, the army will act according to it.

He said whenever the government has called the army, it has fulfilled its responsibility.

Referring to the Islamabad sit-in, he said it would be better to resolve the situation amicably, but whatever course of action the government decided would be implemented.

The ISPR chief said intelligence-based anti-terrorist operations are continuing across the country.  “These operations will improve in the days to come. No army can succeed without the support from its nation,” he said.

The DG ISPR called Afghanistan an example of a country where the government has failed to control the situation. “This is causing a security gap there. We are fencing our border, but the situation will not improve unless the other side also takes steps.”

On the political situation and the statements of some politicians, he only said the political process should continue. “Let the political leadership and parliament do what they do.”

On convicted Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav being allowed to meet his family, he said the Foreign Office has already issued an official statement, while adding that there is no harm in letting him meet his mother on humanitarian grounds. “There will be no effect on the case.”

Earlier, Maj Gen Ghafoor said the constitution gives the right to freedom of expression, but the same constitution bars the ridicule of some institutions, because if institutions weaken, the tasks they are doing will also weaken. He added that the constitution forbids any comments that damage the morale of the forces, especially given the situation they are in.

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