Shahrukh Khan Dead? Shocking Death Hoax Of SRK In A Plane Crash In Paris


One of the biggest negatives of the social media is the increased number of death hoax and the confusion that follows.

The latest death hoax that is gripping the world is of Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan. News that Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan was killed in a plane crash in Paris has been going viral on the social media, and the news was actually reported by a French website. According to the media report, SRK and a group of other people were killed in a plane crash and the report also claims that the France Civil Aviation Authority has issued a statement condemning the death.

However, no such statements have been filed, and this detailed report is clearly a piece of fake news that made Shah Rukh the latest victim of celebrity death hoax. The detailed media report by the website claimed that SRK was killed a few hours after his daughter Suhana’s birthday while travelling in a Gulfstream G550 Jet with his personal assistant and others.

The actor was reported to be travelling to a business meeting, and the entire report of fake news has stirred the social media.

The entire report looks extremely realistic as credible sources like the France Civil Aviation Authority and the model number of an Air France flight were all mentioned and the news has managed to fool many into believing that the 51-year-old actor died in the sudden accident. The report also used words like investigation and official statement to make the entire news look realistic. Fans of the actor freaked out by the news and took to Twitter to express their shock and disbelief at the news. This news report is creating a lot of confusion among fans and is absolutely untrue.

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