“Sharam Karo Sharam”, berated Amir Liaquat in public

“Sharam Karo Sharam”, berated Amir Liaquat in public


Aamir Liaquat has always managed to be in the limelight, be it his gameshows where he is giving away airplanes or the news of him joining a local political party.

Recently, a Liquat’s video has gone viral over the internet for all the right reasons!

The superstar was witnessed bellowing at police officers who were providing a VIP protocol.

In the video, he vents out his vengeance publicly, by asking those police officials to set our society free from this typical nonsense.

Moreover, he was also heard claiming to be Aamir Liaquat Hussain. He further added by saying, “sharam karo sharam” to the police officer inside the vehicle.

In the meantime, Liaquat expresses dissonance for the officers as they used foul language just to make way for the ‘VIP protocol’, reprimanding people to move aside.



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