Sindhi Chicken Biryani

Sindhi Chicken Biryani



  • Chicken 1 kg 12 pieces
  • Rice ½ kg boiled ¾ done
  • Yogurt 1 cup
  • Tomatoes 4 chopped
  • Oil ¾ cup
  • Green chilies 6 grinded
  • Coriander leaves 2 tbsp grinded
  • Whole mix spices 1 tbsp
  • All spice 1 tsp
  • Ginger garlic 2 tbsp
  • Chili powder 2 tsp
  • Salt 2 tsp + 2 tbsp for rice
  • Whole green chilies 8
  • Dried plums 10 to 12
  • Potatoes ½ kg peeled cut and fried
  • Brown onion 1 cup
  • Coriander leaves chopped ½ cup
  • Kewra water 1 tbsp
  • Yellow color ¼ tsp


  1. Heat oil
  2. Fry onion until light golden and keep it aside when done
  3. Add chicken with chopped green chilies, coriander leaves, salt, chili powder, chopped tomatoes, and fry well in the cooking pot
  4. Now add ½ cup water. Cover, and allow it to cook till chicken becomes tender
  5. Next, add yogurt, grinded fried onion, cook till mixture becomes thick add fried potatoes, whole green chilies, dried plums, boiled rice with salt and whole spices till ¾ done drain.
  6. In a pan put a layer of rice then chicken broth, chopped coriander, top it with remaining boiled rice, spray 2 tbsp oil or ghee on top, add kewra mixed with color.
  7. Cover it with lid and put it on steam for 10-15 minutes.
  8. Ready to serve, ready to eat!
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