Sindhi Wadayra Scolding Police Video Goes Viral


It was a true Wadayra-Ka-Beta sequel, as a video showing a Wadayra going all bonkers over Sindh Police went viral yesterday. In a series of clips, one particularly shot inside police station, the Wadayra can be seen scolding officers and constables in Sindhi. The police station video shows him sitting on the chair of S.H.O mocking both, the officer present and the integrity of the institution.

While there is nothing new to the video, given the rifeness of institutional subjugation in our society, the irony however was the sorry-state of officers who had earlier surrounded the Wadayra outside National Press Club, and then perhaps escorted him to the police station. Later he can be seen cursing the officers, while his accomplice also share a piece of cake. He later resorted to the lock-ups, a move he said was for the rights of poor and marginalized.

The person in focus is learnt to be Nawab Zaid Talpur, who is from Kanri, Sindh. A former leader of the ruling PMLN, Zaid has now joined the PTI, and many believe this to be the reason behind his apprehension. Pro social media pages claim he was arrested for his protested out the National Press Club, and the videos were shot to shame and defame the leader. (We wonder if sitting on a S.H.O chair and treating the state machinery was somehow respectful).

Watch the videos here.

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