Sit-ins will end today, interior minister assures IHC

Sit-ins will end today, interior minister assures IHC


ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal assured the Islamabad High Court on Monday that the weeks’-long protest will end today after a press conference between the two sides.

The minister had been summoned today on a contempt notice over the government’s failure to implement court orders directing the shifting of the Faizabad protest to the Parade Ground.

Workers of a religious party have been protesting against the government at Faizabad Interchange of the capital for around three weeks.

As today’s hearing went under way, the deputy attorney general told Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui that he was informed of the agreement between the protesters and the government from the news channels.

He said the minister will inform the court of the agreement’s details in person when he appears.

During today’s proceedings, the chief commissioner informed the judge that the sit-in will be cleared as the two sides have reached an agreement. The judge then directed the counsel to read out the judgment and questioned the guarantee of the sit-in ending.

The minister also informed the court that the protest will end today after the announcement is made in a formal press conference.

The judge then adjourned the hearing until December 4 and directed the submission of the written agreement in court.

The court also directed the other government officials summoned today to submit their responses on Thursday.

At the last hearing, Justice Siddiqui had directed the interior secretary to submit Senator Raja Zafarul Haq’s report before the court.

The ruling party has formed an inquiry committee under Haq that will identify those responsible for the ‘clerical error’ that led to the change in the oath of the Finality of Prophethood for electoral candidates.

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