Son gang-raped at gunpoint, extorters post video on social media leaving family in a state of trauma

Son gang-raped at gunpoint, extorters post video on social media leaving family in a state of trauma


THATTA: On Thursday, The Sindh High Court took suo motu notice of the alleged gang rape of an adolescent in Darro town of Sujawal district some time ago after his father’s appeal for justice appeared on media.

A senior Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) activist was booked along with his three associates at Darro police station earlier in the day. He and two of his accomplices were taken into custody.

Earlier on Wednesday, the victim’s father narrated to the local journalist the ordeal of his school-going son and the trauma the entire family was going through ever since the alleged gang rape of his son by the suspects.

The activist, said to be a senior office-bearer of PPP’s taluka set-up and son of an influential political figure of the area, and two other suspects, employees of the health department, were arrested while being on hunt for the fourth prey.

The man accused the suspects of having coerced the family and continued to blackmail even after the family migrated to Hyderabad to escape public remarks. He moaned that the suspects uploaded an explicit video of the gang rape on social media and having seen this it was completely futile paying the extortion money anymore.

The SHC chief justice has asked the Hyderabad DIG and Sujawal SSP to appear before him on Saturday (April 7) along with a progress report about the investigation.

Meanwhile, the main suspect’s father held a press conference at his residence on Thursday to reject the complainant’s allegations against his son. He claimed that anti-PPP forces of the area were behind the propaganda to slander him and his son. He demanded a detailed judicial inquiry into the allegations.

The Sindhi daily published a public notice in its Thursday issue announcing the sacking of the reporter and the Sujawal district health officer (DHO) suspended the two employees nominated in the FIR and issued show-cause notices to them. He also ordered a departmental inquiry against them.

According to the complainant, his son was gang raped at gunpoint and filmed by the political activist and his two friends who had kidnapped him.

He said the oppressors started extorting the family and demanded huge sums of money.

The financially-strapped family met their demands once or twice but could not afford to keep up with the increasing demands, which explains why they left their ancestral town and shifted to Hyderabad. But threats and blackmailing continued to pour in.

When they couldn’t continue with the payment, the coercers uploaded the video on the social media which ultimately became viral, he said.

The man said that his son had been in trauma ever since the incident took place, which left the entire family incredibly disturbed.

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