Spells of heatwave to hit K-Town ahead of Ramadan

Spells of heatwave to hit K-Town ahead of Ramadan


The unbearable scorching heat is already killing us and now a new heatwave warning has engulfed the ‘city of lights’.

Instead of respite from this hot and muggy weather, the temperatures are expected to soar in a couple of days.

Much to our dismay, the latest weather update reveals that a round of extreme heat is all set to hit Karachi from first Ramadan.

According to reports, the prevailing heatwave is likely to last for 4-6 days.

The report warns that the temperature is likely to rise up to 40-degree Celsius. Seems like there are no evident signs of rain so far and citizens will have to be really cautious while fasting during the spell of heatwave.

While addressing media, Director General PMD Dr. Ghulam Rasul stated that the months of May and June would be hotter than usual. According to him,


The hot and dry spell over the next couple of days means that extra precautions are a must. Following are some precautions that one must observe to stay cool during the heat wave.

  • Stay hydrated and increase your water intake to its maximum
  • Avoid going outdoors unnecessarily
  • Keep your house cool and ventilated
  • Avoid eating hot, oily and heavy meals

Apart from that, it is advised that individuals carry water with them and for the astray animals. Moreover, humanity urges that we beings provide shelter for birds and animals as they too suffer from torrid heat.

This is not the first time that Karachiites will have to “bear the heat”. June 2015 saw the deadliest heat wave resulting in the death of 1200 people, leaving more than 40,000 people suffering from heatstroke and heat exhaustion.


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