SRK becomes an inspiration for WWE superstar John Cena

SRK becomes an inspiration for WWE superstar John Cena


Everyone knows about Shah Rukh Khan’s large fan following but did you know that the WWE superstar John Cena also counts on him.

Cena may have seen King Khan’s Ted Talks because he couldn’t resist sharing a quote said by the Bolly hero.

Shares Cena, “Neither power nor poverty can make your life more magical or less torturous,” a quote said by the Raees actor during his Ted Talk. And yes, he credited SRK and of course SRK found out and had to thank him!

“Thanks, my friend for spreading the goodness. It’s important to inspire so many kids who look up to you as their hero,” responded SRK as he shared Cena’s tweet.

We love how healthy this interaction turned out to be, we really hope the two are on their way to becoming besties! Movie together, please?


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