Students and celebrities unite against #SaadatBashir Movement

Students and celebrities unite against #SaadatBashir Movement


An outrageous act was conducted with biology students on 24th May 2018. As the girls walked into Bahria College Islamabad to give their biology practical none had expected they would walk out being physically assaulted.

The examiner, Sadat Bashir was known to be very strict, that not all, he did not let the teacher enter the lab despite her asking, again and again, saying that she cannot leave her female students.

By the time the teacher took permission from the principal and walked in, FBISE examiner Sadar Bashir had already started to show the other side of him. As one of the girls puts it in her own words;

This disgusting and highly unacceptable act caught attention on social media and spread like wildfire in no time. So much so, even Pakistani celebrities came across the story and condemned having disgraceful teachers in the system who deserve to be punished for the trauma they have caused.

“We are students of Bahria College Islamabad; a very reputable institute in Islamabad where getting an admission is a very difficult task. Sadly, only the name of the institute seems to be popular just as a brand’s name is only what matters. Does that institute’s administration, staff members, principal and board members hold no responsibility for the safety of its students who are studying there?

Well, this is what recently happened with us in this so-called educational institution where no one took a stand for us. We were having our practicals of HSC Part 2 of Biology and they conducted it into three different groups. Group 1 had their practical on Friday, group 2 which was our group had practical on Saturday and last group’s practical was on Sunday. We were informed by the first group that the examiner was very strict, didn’t listen to the teachers and he didn’t even let the teachers inside the laboratory where he had harassed many girls by touching them in between their thighs, some of them on their backs and even on their breasts.

At first, I didn’t believe it. I thought maybe the girls are just circulating rumors. I mean, how can a well-educated examiner, verified by the authority of board do this in such a well-named institute or to any institute students? The next day, on our practical day, everything was going fine. The teachers were allowed to come inside the room but our practical, which had to be finished by 11:30, was carried on by a viva. He didn’t let us go. It was past 11:30 and only three girls were left in the room – My friend, a class-fellow and I. He asked us long questions for no reason.

I was the only one who was not very studious so I wanted to leave the room hurriedly but he did exactly the opposite. It was now past 12 and he told both of my fellow friends to go and stopped me. My friend said to me that relax the assistant is here you’ll be fine but after my friends left, he told the assistant to leave as well. He, in a very weird tone, told me that he belongs to the tribe of Quraish of Arabs (nowzibillah), he then pointed out grammatical mistakes in my paper. I mean seriously? It is a freaking biology paper!

After that, he asked me to stand up and rotate, when I distanced my self, he came close to me and intimidate me in weird ways while saying weird things about Pathans (people find it instantly by the face features!) He then touched my back, not once but three to four times and then my hips. And then suddenly, the assistant came into the room, he backed off and told me to go.

I was left in a shock for a long time considering what had just happened to me. My friend told me to inform our head of biology department but she was like,“Chup Hojoen Number Hain Uske Haath Main Abhi Chup Hojaen”. I mean seriously? She also told us that there are so many complaints regarding him but what can we do? My best friend cried so much like it happened to her, she immediately told her father who called the principal but he didn’t answer the phone.

When we told the administration, they said we can’t do anything now. They are not ready to take any responsibility but why the head of the department then allowed to leave a single girl with a male examiner in the room? It didn’t stop here, today again when the third group came for exams, it happened. One of the girls said he groped her breast by saying that tell me the name of this specimen and while doing so, he put his hands on her when the girl asked him, “what are you doing, what is this?” To which he said, “Bas Shh… Chup Hojaen.”

Again “Chup Hojaen?” why is “Chup Hojaen” the only solution? Why do we remain silent? We tried calling the principal but he is not attending calls; we tried telling other teachers but no action has been taken. If we are being harassed on this level, where should we go to seek basic education? How do we expect to be safe on the professional side? How do we expect to be safe in any other places of work? How many more Zainab will come out where no justice will be served? And this is all happening because such bastards are left with the freedom to exploit young girls and boys on the same side. The worst part was all the girls remained silent because of course, they were turned down by the fear and nobody took stand for them; not even the female teachers who were once girls like us as well.” – Quoted (anonymous)















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Punish Sadat Bashir Movement

petition has now started against Bashir for what he did to those girls. Meanwhile, other cases have started to come forth claiming this was not the first time he had assaulted female students in his presence.

Several other social media users claiming to be current and former students of the college and at least one from another college have reported on Facebook and Twitter — using hashtags #TimesUp and #MeToo — about being harassed by the same examiner in the past.


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