Summer Drinks!

Summer Drinks!


The much-awaited Holy month of Ramadan is here, falling in the hottest and the longest days of the year. It is a real challenge to fast during the peak summer season with scorching heat.

What’s more, our body keeps losing water all this time and can even cause weakness and dehydration due to low water-intake.

But hey! Try these amazing drinks to enjoy with your loved ones in Iftar!

Pina Colada

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After a long, endlessly hard day of starvation, just one sip of chilled Pina Colada will transport you to a tropical paradise. The sweet cocktail made with the combo of pineapple and coconut is an ultimate thirst-quencher and is guaranteed to uplift you instantly.

Mango Lassi

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The king of all fruits; Mango and Holy Grail of all desi drinks; Lassi = A must-have summer drink!

The creamy smooth lassi mixed with the sweet king of all fruit is something you have to try. Absolute delightful after an exhausting day of fasting!

Falsa Sorbet

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Summer season is blessed with the best kinds of fruits and one of them is Falsa. All those who love this tangy purple berry can make themselves a refreshing jug of Falsa Sorbet in Iftar.

The sweet and zesty flavor will give you instant energy and cool you off after the fast.

Watermelon Slush

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Did you know that watermelon can hydrate you more effectively than water?

Enriched with Vitamin A and C, the fruit protects skin cells from the blazing rays of the sun. With fruit stalls laden with them, grab one for you to make an ice-cold pitcher of heavenly water melon slush. Perfect to keep you hydrated while fasting in the hot weather.

Almond Shake


If you are looking for an ultimate nourishment solution, especially for kids, Almond shake is your go-to drink in Iftar. It serves as a lip-smacking pick me up after a whole day of abstaining from eating and drinking. The healthy shake is not only a commendable source of protein but is also packed with calcium. Plus, it will prevent dehydration!

All these drinks will help you stagger hydration as well will give the required energy to make the best of the Holy month. Happy sipping!


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