Syria: explosions recorded in Iranian military bases

Syria: explosions recorded in Iranian military bases


It is still unknown who would be responsible for the attacks on the Iranian and Syrian Army militias.

Intense explosions occurred on the night of Sunday, April 29, at several bases of the Syrian Army and Iranian militias in central Syria, according to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights. This organization, based in the United Kingdom, said that the 47th brigade headquarters located west of the city of Hama, as well as bases near the Aleppo airport, were hit by missiles, among others.


At the moment it is unknown who launched the projectiles. Sources close to the government reported that loud explosions were also heard near the base of Nahar al Bard, about 60 kilometers northwest of Hama, an area where Iranian troops are stationed.

The information was also shared by the SANA news agency, noting that “enemy missiles” attacked the military positions of the Syrian regime in the provinces of Hama and Aleppo. The report came amid a period of intense tension in Syria, after Damascus and its ally Iran accused Israel on April 9 of carrying out deadly attacks on a military base in the center of the country.

Several days later, on April 14, the United States, France and Great Britain carried out attacks against several of the military positions of the Syrian regime, in response to a presumed chemical attack in the rebel stronghold of Douma, information that has been questioned, mainly by Russia.

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