Syrian opposition agrees to enter into dialogue for the transition

Syrian opposition agrees to enter into dialogue for the transition


Reunited in Riyadh, opponents considered the departure of President Bashar al Assad necessary after the possible end of the armed conflict.

The Syrian opposition meeting in Riyadh today agreed to begin negotiations with the government of President Bachar al-Assad “without any precondition,” although he insisted that the president should leave power at the beginning of the transitional phase after the hypothetical end of the armed conflict.

Attendees at the conference in the Saudi capital agreed on Thursday the final statement of the meeting, which began yesterday and which in principle was to continue until tomorrow, although for the moment it is not clear whether it has already been terminated.

The document, published by the main opposition political alliance, the Syrian National Coalition (CNFROS), stipulates that “there is no place for Al Assad and his circle,” nor for his “system of repression and despotism,” in the post-war country. .

Stresses the need to maintain “a minimum” in the negotiations, which are established by “the sacrifices of the Syrian people” and by what was agreed at the meeting in Geneva 1, held in June 2012, regarding the creation of an interim Government that lead the transition to democracy phase.

This political process aims to “empower the Syrian people” so that they can elect their leaders in “impartial elections under the supervision of the United Nations,” the note adds.

In addition, the leaders and elected representatives will be the only ones that can dispose of weapons, according to the opposition groups, which demanded the reform of the security forces and the Army.

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In the text they stated that their goal is to “unify the forces of the revolution and the opposition around a common vision on a political solution” based on the Geneva Communiqué and Security Council resolutions 2118 and 2254.

On the other hand, they assured that Bashar al Assad and other members of the Government committed “war crimes” against the Syrian people, so it is necessary that all of them be presented before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Some 140 representatives of factions, independent personalities, political groups and members of the CNFROS – all members of the Supreme Commission for Negotiations (CSN), the most important opposition alliance – have met yesterday in Riyadh.

The CSN has represented opponents in previous rounds of negotiations in Geneva, sponsored by the UN and scheduled to resume on 28 November.

Despite the Syrian opposition has been willing to talk to the Executive without preconditions, the Syrian presidential adviser, Buzaina Shaaban, today demanded that the factions lay down their arms before initiating a dialogue, in statements to the Russian agency Sputnik collected by Syrian media.

However, Shaaban alluded to the conference proposed by Russia between the Syrian parties in the Russian city of Sochi, whose date has not been set, and made no reference to the Geneva negotiations.

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