Ten dead, 62 injured and 10 missing in protests in Nicaragua

Ten dead, 62 injured and 10 missing in protests in Nicaragua


The sociopolitical crisis in the Central American country seems to have no end and victims continue to be added to the conflict: according to the IACHR 127 people have died since the protests began on April 18.

At least 10 people died, 62 were wounded and 10 disappeared in the clashes registered from Saturday until this morning in the Nicaraguan city of Masaya between civilians and the Police, supported by groups related to the Government, reported on Monday a NGO

Twelve young prisoners released reported having suffered torture by the police in the city of Masaya. “They treated us like animals, like dogs,” said one of them. 

The executive secretary of the Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights (Anpdh), Álvaro Leiva Sánchez, said at a press conference that during this period 120 detainees were also registered as a result of the heavy fighting.

Among those killed was Javier Júnior Gaitán Hernández, 15, Professor Carlos Erick López and policeman José Abraham Martínez.

Also Donald López, who, according to the priest Edwin Román, parish priest of the San Miguel church in Masaya, “was executed” by an officer who shot him in the chest when he was detained and defenseless.

Of the 62 injured, 61 are civilians and one is an officer of the National Police, according to the report of the humanitarian agency.

They also reported the subsequent release of 60 civilians thanks to the intervention of parents of the Catholic Church and Anpdh.

The clashes, according to the humanitarian agency, occurred when sympathizers of the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, supported by the National Police, tried to evict groups of civil protesters who maintain barricades in that city.

The Nicaraguan Police, meanwhile, attributed those deaths to “terrorist acts” of “organized crime, which altered the public order, peace and tranquility of individuals, families and communities.”

Leiva said that this report was already shared with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), which on Monday raised to 127 the number of people who have died in Nicaragua since the protests against the Ortega government began on April 18.

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