Texas begins the deployment of troops requested by Donald Trump on the US-Mexico border

Texas begins the deployment of troops requested by Donald Trump on the US-Mexico border


The US state of Texas is deploying National Guard troops on the border with Mexico, following the call made by President Donald Trump this week.

“Tonight, National Guard troops are being deployed to support border security missions,” Secretary of Defense James Mattis said in a joint statement on Friday with Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen.

A spokesman for the National Guard said that 250 troops would be sent to patrol the area in the next 72 hours .

Arizona is also planning to deploy 150 troops next week.

The states of New Mexico and California were asked to take actions similar to those of Texas and Arizona.

On Tuesday, Trump said he wanted to send 4,000 troops to secure the border with Mexico until the controversial wall that was one of the bases of his campaign is built.

Later on Friday, the US president outlined plans to end the practice known as “capture and release” as part of his strict anti-immigration policies.

Trump wants undocumented immigrants to remain in detention while deciding whether they will be deported, instead of being released.

He asked the Department of Defense for a list of military and other facilities that could fulfill that function.

The president also threatened Mexico in recent days, saying that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA or NAFTA) is at risk unless the movement of migrants across the border is stopped.

Trump referred to the “Caravan of refugees 2018”, a mobilization of more than 1,200 Central Americans who head north from Central America, which is composed mostly of people fleeing violence in their countries, according to its organizers.

Trump assured Sunday on Twitter that the immigrants were on their way to the southern border of the United States, with the “complacency” of the Mexican authorities, so, he said, the wall was needed.

These are the faces of the caravan that motivated Trump to militarize the border with Mexico

For his part, the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, condemned the statements of his US counterpart.

“If your recent statements derive from a frustration over domestic policy issues, laws or Congress, address them, not Mexicans,” said Peña Nieto, in a message to his country.

Is it the first time troops are sent to the border?

Trump said sending troops to the Mexican border was a “big step,” but his two predecessors also deployed the National Guard on the southern border.

National Guard on the border.
Copyright of the image AFPImage caption The last two presidents who preceded Trump in the White House sent troops from the National Guard to the southern border of the United States.

President Barack Obama sent 1,200 troops to protect the area, while George W. Bush ordered the deployment of thousands of soldiers to accompany the Border Patrol in an operation called “Jump Start.”

Both deployments lasted about a year.

James Mattis approved the funding of 4,000 National Guard troops with the Pentagon budget until the end of September, the Associated Press reported.

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