The art of extreme selfie

The art of extreme selfie


The diversity of images that fall into the “extreme selfie” category is as wide as the imagination and creativity of those who pose in front of the lens. Here we show you a selection of “extreme selfies”.

While some put themselves in danger by making their own portrait together with wildlife (marine or terrestrial), the heights seduce other equally reckless photographers.

The demonstrators seeking to immortalize his face amid violent episodes also gain the sympathy of social networks.

Although some “extreme selfies” have turned out to be false , but the images shown below are real.

A diver and a shark
Image captionPhotographer David Fleetham took this selfie, near Guadalupe Island in Mexico, before entering the protection cage with a white shark in the background.
Man in a helicopter
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Image captionThis aerial selfie was taken over Barcelona by Siqui Sánchez.
Men on the edge of a building
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Image captionTwo men in Hong Kong take photographs on the edge of a skyscraper. In addition to practicing a relatively new pastime called “rooftopping”, they have also decided to do some “extreme selfies”.
Angela Nikolau's Instagram on Instagram
Image captionAngela Nikolau, a Russian national, is 23 years old and has more than 200,000 followers on the Instagram social network. His photos taken on the most inaccessible roofs in the world are acclaimed by his followers.
Man in a tree
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Image captionA man takes a selfie while observing, from a tree, an alpine ski race in Hahnenkamm, Austria.
Woman near burning lava
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Image captionA tourist came to the crater of the volcano Erta Ale, in the region of Afar, Ethiopia … and a portrait was made in front of the burning lava.

Authorities in countries such as India, Russia and the United States have expressed concern about the popularity of this trend in their territories.

Falls, drownings, electrocutions and accidental shooting, among other direct causes of death have been associated with the act of taking an “extreme selfie”.

Protesters in Brussels in November 2014.
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Image captionIn Brussels, these protesters take a selfie in front of a burning police motorcycle.
Two men during a confrontation
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Image captionA Palestinian takes the selfie while the other prepares to shoot his slingshot (slingshot) against Israeli security forces during a clash in Nablus, a city located 50 kilometers north of Jerusalem.
Woman during a demonstration for the first anniversary of the death of Michael Brown.
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Image caption A woman in a T-shirt that says “Fuck the police” takes a selfie with an armed man, a member of Oath Keepers, a militia described as “extreme right” by some media. Anglo-Saxons.
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