The child who earns US $ 11 million a year for unpacking toys on YouTube

The child who earns US $ 11 million a year for unpacking toys on YouTube


What little Ryan does allows him to get new toys every week, while his parents make a lot of money.

About US $ 11 million in the last year , to be more precise. All for the royalties generated by the billions of reproductions that have their videos on YouTube.

The 6-year-old American child is the star of the channel Ryan ToysReview, a channel on the video portal where he has the task of unpacking toys and playing with them.

According to the account “The best paid YouTube stars in the world in 2017”, produced by the Forbes site , Ryan’s channel is ranked eighth in the world for the channels with the most generated royalties.

This is thanks to the fact that, since the channel was opened in March 2015, the videos of the American child have accumulated 16,875 million reproductions.

Image from YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview
Image captionThe Ryan ToysReview YouTube channel generated almost 8,000 million views between June 2016 and June 2017, according to Forbes (Image: YouTube / Ryan ToysReview)

What is it that causes so much fascination with your videos, as well as very good profits for your parents?

The mysterious boy

Despite being one of the most popular children’s faces on the network, Ryan knows very little. His full name has never been revealed, nor where he lives.

But in one of the few interviews his mother gave, quoted by The Washington Post , she says that the idea of the YouTube channel came up when yan was 3 years old.

“Ryan was watching a lot of toy review channels, some of his favorites are EvanTubeHD and Maya Hulyan, because they used to do a lot of videos about Thomas and Tank Engine, and Ryan was a fan of Thomas,” his mother told the site. Tubefilter last year.

“One day he asked me, ‘ How come I’m not on YouTube, like all the other kids?‘ So we said, ‘Yes, we can do that.’ Then, we took him to the store to buy his first toy, I think It was a Lego train, and everything started from there, “explains the woman, who prefers to remain anonymous.

The channel, opened in March 2015, had its big takeoff with a video in which Ryan opened more than 100 toys hidden in plastic surprise eggs, which has more than 800 million reproductions.

By January 2016, it reached its first million subscribers and since then it has gained more and more supporters to exceed 10 million so far .


While other youtubers usually make videos based on a script, Ryan’s videos only show a child reacting spontaneously to toys.

As several reviews indicate, the hallmark of Ryan is that he unpacks toys slowly, creating an atmosphere of surprise.

In fact, “surprise” is the word that is included in many of your videos.

“It’s not over thought, or something like ‘why this toy is better than another’, no analysis, something that adults describe Ryan Toys Review as simply irresistible,” says an article in The Washington Post .

Image from YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview
Image captionRyan unpacks toys, but also performs didactic activities and scientific experiments in his videos. (Image: YouTube / Ryan ToysReview)

Unlike other product unpacking channels, which have been very successful in recent years, in the case of Ryan it seems that the child does not even realize that he is creating YouTube content.

“We got a new video a day and usually recorded two or three v deos at a time, two or three times a week , ” said his mother Tubefilter.

Make money

The critics of Ryan ToysReview do not fail to note that it is the parents of the child who are generating a big business with the profits on YouTube.

“There’s something out of place, it’s like watching the children’s stars on television,” said PewDiePie, one of the most popular youtubers on the Internet.

“You know that their parents literally force them to do it and that there is something sad,” he added.

Most of the revenue that vloggers have on YouTube is due to the advertising linked to the content, which appears either superimposed on the image of the video itself or precedes it when it is reproduced (with the famous option of “skipping” the advertisement to the five seconds).

social networks (logos)Copyright of the GETTY IMAGES image
Image captionSocial networks profit from the sale of advertising that appears in content published by users.

” We try not to interfere with Ryan’s preschool schedule , so most of the recordings happen over the weekend, and then we’ll edit while he’s at school,” the mother defends herself in the interview with the Tubefilter site. .

According to Jim Silver, head of the site of reviews Toys, Tots, Pets, and More, when a product is seen through these videos millions of times, with as much emotion as Ryan expresses it, “it has a huge impact on the stores “

“He’s the case of younger success we’ve seen. Most of the time, children were in the range of more than 6 years due to their vocabulary and maturity for a review , ” says Silver site The Verge .

Ryan’s mother said that, until last year, she and her husband had bought almost all the toys that the child unpacks, and many are donated after using them in the videos.

However, in recent months it is common to see links to sites of brands and toys in the description of the videos .

A toy storeCopyright of the GETTY IMAGES image
Image captionToy expert Jim Silver says the impact of videos like Ryan’s is “huge” for toy stores.

The comments area is deactivated in the videos, something that does not allow to see the reaction of followers and critics.

But in other forums, some parents have written about how fascinated their children are by Ryan’s videos and how this affects them positively and negatively.

“My 5-year-old son devours this,” Lindsay Weiss wrote in the blog he titled “Ryan Toys Review can be death for me.”

“I do not have anything against the child or his family, they seem charming and I understand that they donate a lot of the toys to charity, but Mom will have to install a filter on Ryan before the closet blows (or my son’s Christmas list burns) spontaneously because it is too long) “.

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