The Chilling Breeze of Sindh is Attracting Visitors from All Across Pakistan

The Chilling Breeze of Sindh is Attracting Visitors from All Across Pakistan


KARACHI-As we all know that the Sindh has 5000 years old history, many Sufi saints lived in Sindh such as Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Sachal Surmust, Shahbaz Qalandar, Adam sultan and more left a message of peace also Sindh has another name “the land of Sufism”.

unfortunately, most of the people in Pakistan doesn’t know what are the best places to visit in Sindh. We can’t deny that the politicians of Sindh specially who belongs to the rural areas and “the Wadera culture” already made dreadful image in the minds of nature lover people of the Pakistan and all over the world also and who made acclamation between Sindh Urdu(Muhajir) speaking people.  At the point when people from outside or west think of Sindh they only see is Karachi. Recently tour guides taken upon the responsibility to change the image of Sindh through Facebook.

Travel devotees dwelling in Karachi, and even outside the city, now have the chance to visit the horde grand spots of Sindh by means of different private visits working through Facebook.






Promoting tourism, and encouraging those who love history ‘A tribute to the spiritualist city’ portrays magnificence, battle in the Walled City.

Ghorakh Hill Station

Ghorakh Hill Station

Places of tourism such as Gorakh Hills, Tharparkar, Kund Malir Beach, Ranikot Fort, Kotdidji Fort, and Manchar Lake are promoted social media sites. Travel groups such as travel Indus offer various kinds of tours; from just a day trip to those involving several nights’ stay

Syed Aniq Raza who recently visited Nagarparkar and Kund Malir Beach by signing with Travelindus tour guide group. he returned happy with what such gatherings are putting forth Karachiites. “Going with such gatherings is a far best experience rather than going alone or without a visit guide as all the popular spots along one’s course are not missed; or more record-breaking is spared as the coordinators have just explored the spots previously and know the ranges back to front,” he said.


Faiz mahal khairpur mirus

Syed Aniq explained further that his colleague went to Hingol National Park on his own but failed to see as many sites. He added that security issues, which otherwise force travellers to rethink their plans to the province’s interior, are not a concern when travelling with such groups. We only have to enjoy the journey and landscapes along the route, he boasted.

The visits can cost anything from Rs3,000 to Rs9,000 per individual, contingent upon the quantity of days included. The bundles take care of the expenses of transportation, cabin, suppers and bites, shared Ghulam Murtaza Lashari, the overseeing accomplice at Travelindus. “Our point is to advance goals crosswise over Sindh which travel lovers of Karachi have not known about.” Compared to visitor spots in the Northern regions of the nation, which require a few days of voyaging, such regions in Sindh can be investigated in two or three days, he included.

Lashari further explained that they are promoting Sindh through the facebook and they encouraging people to visit these beautiful places and also they are informing them about the history of the places also giving information about destinations all over the province. Moreover, they update their travelling strategies on their page with name of Travelindus. Pakistani people are already suffered a war and still they are living in their stressful life therefore traveling could relax them as Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi said- “Travel brings power and love back into your life.”
Another travelling enthusiast, has travelled across Sindh from Kund Malir Beach to Tharparkar and Gorakh with such groups. She appreciated the work of these tour operators and said their travel guides are professional and ensure that travellers come back richer from the experience. Travel photographer Haris said “these Facebook communities are playing a positive role and with such activities the local tourism industry will see a rise which will ultimately benefit the local communities of Sindh.”

Faiz mahal khairpur mirus

Faiz mahal khairpur mirus

Wanderer Adventure Club, another voyaging bunch working through Facebook, offers visit bundles to Kund Malir Beach, Gorakh Hills and Khanpur Dam (in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa). “The vast majority of the spots in Northern zones end up plainly out of reach this time, while winter is the pinnacle voyaging season for Sindh,” said Babar Saeed, one of the gathering’s proprietors.

Sindh Minister of Culture and Tourism Sharmila Faruqi said the Sindh Tourism Development Corporation too offers travel packages to Mohenjo Daro, Gorakh Hills, Keenjhar Lake and Makli Necropolis but said the effort requires a good media awareness campaign to reach out to the larger public. However, till the time the government gets it act together vis-à-vis promoting tourism, it seems this business will continue to boom for the private sector.


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