The exercises that will help you age better after 30

The exercises that will help you age better after 30


Starting at age 30, the natural decline of our muscle and bone strength begins.

Exercising serves to stay in shape and prevent cardiovascular disease, but there are a number of key activities that help you age better that seem to have been forgotten.

It involves exercises for strengthening muscles and bones and activities for balance.

Moreover, a report from the health agency of England in conjunction with the Center for a Better Aging qualifies these exercises as “the forgotten guide ” of health.

The report highlights the benefits to maintain and improve the health that this type of exercise produces in all adults, not only in the elderly, and recommend incorporating them into the routine at least twice a week .

“In addition to aerobic exercise, such as fast walking, all adults should try to do balance and strengthening activities twice a week,” said Dr. Alison Tedstone, director of diet, obesity and physical activity at Public Health England .

“On average we are all living longer and this mix of physical activities will help us to be well in our youth and to remain independent as we get older.”

Muscles, bones and balance

The English authorities believe that the citizens are not clear about the importance of taking care of the strength of the body, particularly that of muscles and bones, for general health.

According to experts, bone mass and muscle mass tend to reach their highest point before reaching 30.

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Image caption Strength and balance exercises help improve mood, sleep patterns, increase energy levels and reduce the risk of premature death.

From that age begins a natural decline.

Between 18 and 30 years , this type of exercise strengthens the strength of muscles and bones.

Between 30 and 60 maintain the strength and slow down the natural decline.

From the age of 65 , they preserve their strength and maintain their independence.

In addition, the report says, strength and balance exercises can also improve future outcomes after key moments of transition in our lives, such as pregnancy, menopause, diagnosis of illness, retirement or a postoperative period.

On the other hand, they emphasize, these activities help improve mood, sleep patterns, increase energy levels and reduce the risk of premature death.

What are these exercises?

The report recommends:

  • resistance exercises, such as lifting or using your own body weight
  • games with rackets, such as tennis, ping pong or badminton
  • dance
  • games with ball
  • walking or Nordic walking (with canes)

The specific exercises and their intensity, the report recommends, should adjust to the state of health and physical function of each individual.

In addition, experts say that activities such as yoga or tai chi are good for bones, muscles and balance.

The strengthening of muscles and bones can prevent falls, which cause 95% of hip fractures, according to the British report.

On the other hand, they say, muscle weakness increases the risk of falls by 76% , and those who already fell once are three times more likely to fall again.

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