The Ghanaian teacher who teaches computing on a blackboard and without computers becomes a viral success

The Ghanaian teacher who teaches computing on a blackboard and without computers becomes a viral success


A Ghanaian teacher who teaches computer science to his students without any computer has become a viral success.

The teacher, from the city of Kumasi, managed with his slate in which he did a meticulous drawing of the interface of Word, Microsoft’s popular word processor.

He posted the photos on Facebook that he appeared in, along with the message: “Teaching computers in schools in Ghana is very fun” .

After the images have been shared thousands of times in the network, Microsoft has promised to send new computer equipment.

Professor Owura Kwadwo, who, according to the portal Quartz Africa is actually called Richard Appiah Akoto, said in his Facebook post that: “I love my students, so I have to do what makes them understand what I teach.”

Quartz reported that the school he works at does not have a computer since 2011, although students are required to pass an exam in Information and Communication Technologies to be able to advance in their school itinerary.

There were many who expressed their admiration for the dedication of this professor.

“It’s not the first time I do it,” he told Quartz Akoto about his meticulous drawing in the classroom. “I do it every time I’m in class.”

I did not expect so much impact

The teacher says that he likes to share images on Facebook. About his school, he said: “I did not know they were going to get the attention of so many people.”

Last Sunday, the entrepreneur Rebeca Enonchong wrote on Twitter to Microsoft Africa highlighting the fact that the professor was trying to teach the use of one of his products without having access to it.

“Surely you can get adequate resources,” he said.

On Tuesday, the software giant promised to send a computer to Professor Akoto and give him access to his educational material.

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