The magic of sugarcane

The magic of sugarcane


What Are the Benefits of Sugarcane Juice During Pregnancy?

Let’s look at 10 benefits of sugarcane juice for pregnant women:

  1. Rich in proteins:Sugarcane is rich in proteins and this is something which is vital for the baby and mom to be during this period
  2. Relief for constipation:Constipation is one of the most common banes of pregnancy that is experienced by majority of the women during this period. Good news is that sugar cane juice is ideal to help you get rid of this woe if you make this juice a part of your daily diet. This wonderful juice has also been proven to be quite good in averting tummy infections
  3. Helps to balance bilirubin levels:Sugarcane juice is ideal to ensure proper liver functions and keep your liver healthy as they help to keep bilirubin levels in check
  4. Gives a boost to the immunity:Sugarcane juice is also loaded with anti-oxidants that are beneficial to keep unwanted infections at bay thus strengthening the immune system of the mother to be
  5. Relief from throat infections and colds:The juice of sugar cane has been found to provide excellent relief from cold and sore throat infections. This becomes a real blessing as it is always advised not to use over the counter medications during pregnancy period
  6. Low levels of Glycemic index:Sugar cane has been found to have comparatively low levels of Glycemic index that is ideal to keep energy levels in balance, and it may be allowed for diabetics in moderate amounts sometimes. This juice is also excellent to combat the tiredness that you experience during this phase
  7. Helps to keep weight in check:One of the most common apprehensions among pregnant women is gaining weight. Sugar cane contains traces of polyphenols that aid to speed up the metabolic rate helping to keep weight gain in check
  8. Averts morning sickness:Having a glass of fresh sugar cane juice mixed with a touch of ginger is found to be very effective in averting morning sickness in moms-to-be. Even having small portions more than once a day can help to reduce morning sickness considerably.
  9. Urinary Tract Infections:Most pregnant women contract urinary tract infections very easily during pregnancy period. Consuming sugar cane juice can help to avert this
  10. Good for skin and hair:Sugar cane juice contains sufficient quantities of riboflavin that is actually a vitamin B which is excellent for skin and hair

Precautions During Pregnancy

  • Most importantly sugar cane juice needs to be prepared hygienically and consumed fresh as stale juice when consumed during pregnancy can lead to food poisoning that can be extremely serious
  • Like any other foods, make sure you ask your doctor’s advice before making sugarcane juice a part of your daily diet
  • Sugar cane juice is not recommended for regular consumption if the mom-to-be is a victim of diabetes as it has a very high content of sugar
  • Never drink sugar cane juice excessively as it may trigger some unwanted adverse effects



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