The New Low Of Pakistani Society; MaryamAndBhensa

The New Low Of Pakistani Society; MaryamAndBhensa


People are outraged that Maryam Nawaz has been backing the Bhensa twitter account which was brought down after the Blasphemous accusations.

Now out of nowhere someone decided to let loose this shit on twitter that Maryam apparently reposted some of the Bhensa’s posts.

Which is legit because Bhensa usually posted on politics and the unset rules and norms of society. Many people has been reposting its tweets before the Blasphemy charges surfaced.

The twitter trend of MaryamAndBhensa is showcasing how ridiculed this nation has been. Disagreeing to someone is one thing but allegations of Blasphemy is totally a different thing.

Especially in a society where Governor of the largest Province was murdered by his own security guard, a student was lynched by a mob inside a university and a mentally challenged is accused of Blasphemy this trend could be really dangerous.

The social media’s self-proclaimed Alims have no idea that they may be putting an innocent into dire consequences. For many of the twitter users this might just be another hashtag but to the ones it may consult, it is a life threating matter.

People are accusing the Premier’s daughter for supporting the culprits behind Blasphemy. Some have reached the highest levels of grossness by declaring that she had played a role in Blasphemous content silently.

However in reality what she retweeted were the posts which favored her political party. The social media police in Pakistan is not only active but threating to every individual.

So for Pakistani’s there’s still no freedom of speech. Every other person is scared that their social media postings could get them in problem or worse killed.

If this nation had not been divided on Salman Taseer’s murder, if this nation would have stood for Mashal Khan without questioning, there would not have been this trend shaming the whole nation worldwide.

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