The new WhatsApp feature that lets your contacts know where you are in real time

The new WhatsApp feature that lets your contacts know where you are in real time


You’re waiting for someone who keeps saying “I’m almost there”. But of course, after half an hour you have serious doubts that it is true.

That person can already show us that he is really getting closer to where we are, thanks to the new WhatsApp feature that lets you see, in real time, the route and movements of our contacts on the map.

Apart from this anecdotal (albeit very frequent) waiting situation, the novelty of WhatsApp can also be useful in environments where we do not feel safe.

An example would be when we return at night alone and we want to share our location at all times with a friend or relative to feel accompanied until we get home.

But our location will not be shared openly with everyone.

  • “This feature is protected by end-to-end encryption and lets you control who you want to share with and for how long,” WhatsApp said in a statement on user privacy.

The “Real-Time Location” function, which the company announced Tuesday in the testing phase, will be available “in the coming weeks” for both Android and iPhone.

To use this WhatsApp feature, simply open a conversation with a person or group of contacts.

After touching the attach clip and selecting “Location”, a new option to share “Real-time location” will appear during the time the user chooses (and can also be finalized earlier if desired).

If it is a group of several people, each chat participant will be able to see our location in real time. If other people in the group share their location, they will appear simultaneously on the same map.

The announcement of WhatsApp is especially relevant given the high number of users who can benefit from the new function: about 900 million , according to the company.

However, it should be noted that this option is already available in other applications such as Telegram, which announced last week.

It also exists in Google Maps or Facebook Messenger, although in the latter case the time to share the location is always 60 minutes.

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