The striking reaction of Cristiano Ronaldo after receiving a blow to the face

The striking reaction of Cristiano Ronaldo after receiving a blow to the face


Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo broke his goal drought in his performance this Sunday. But it was not his entry that made the headlines.

After suffering an injury, he borrowed a doctor’s mobile phone to check the wound on his face with the camera .

While the commentators laughed, declaring that they had now “seen it all,” Ronaldo shook his head in disgust.

“Ronaldo took his obsession with his image to new heights,” Reuters wrote after the game.

“The most Ronaldo moment in history, just incredible,” the Benchwarmers sports website reported.

“Ronaldo looking in the mirror even while on the field” of play, according to a commentator in the BBC Sport report .

Despite the unbridled ridicule on social networks, Ronaldo’s injury, caused by a blow to the head of Fabio Schar of Deportivo de la Coruña, was considered so serious that he could not continue.


” Ronaldo was kicked in the head and asked the physiotherapist for his phone to see how bad it was, he is furious after assessing the damage,  one user wrote.

If it could seem that the fans and the media laughed at Ronaldo to check a bloody wound with the phone, the truth is that it is not the first time that the star pays too much attention to his image.

In 2011, he declared that opposition supporters booed him because he was “rich, handsome and a great player”.

“People envy me,” he said. “I have no other explanation.”

The performance on Sunday, however, confirmed his boast of being a great player: the striker managed to score two goals before being removed from the field.

The final result of 7-1 was enough to take Real Madrid to fourth place in the Spanish league.

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