The theory of happiness by Albert Einstein, sold for US $ 1,500,000


The tips for a happy life that Albert Einstein wrote in two short notes in 1922 were sold on Tuesday for $ 1,560,000 at a Jerusalem auction house.

The German Nobel handed the notes in a hotel in Tokyo to a messenger because he did not have the money to tip him._98464150_gettyimages-93434187

When the messenger arrived in the hotel room of the Japanese capital where Einstein was staying to deliver him a package, he realized that he had no cash to pay him.

Instead, he gave those notes in loose notes, to which he added his signature. He told her that these notes would one day be valuable.

Almost a century later, the omen proved true.

At that time, the scientist had just received the news that he had been awarded the Nobel Prize and was in Japan for an academic trip.

The Sage’s Recipe

The few lines that the father of the theory of relativity wrote on those leaves with the letterhead of the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo reflect how he saw life and seem to contain some contradiction.

For Einstein, although he devoted himself entirely to science, fulfilling a long-cherished dream does not necessarily guarantee happiness.

In the German text it can be read:

“A humble and quiet life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success and the constant restlessness that implies.”

However, the tenor that characterized the research of the scientist appears in the second of the notes he wrote:

“Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Broke expectations

The latter was sold at auction for US $ 240,000.

The winning bids for the two notes exceeded all the forecasts of the organizers of the bid, who reported that the winner was a European citizen who asked to be kept anonymous.

The salesman is reportedly a nephew of that messenger for whom Einstein had no tip coins.

Einstein is considered one of the fathers of modern physics for his transcendental discoveries on the behavior of matter, gravity and the photoelectric effect.

Deceased in 1955, he is considered one of the most important scientists of all time.

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