The woman who was dismissed from her job for showing the middle finger to President Donald Trump



Thus ended a woman after she was photographed showing the middle finger to the delegation of President Donald Trump on October 28, in Virginia, United States.

Juli Briskman, who was identified as the cyclist in the image, alleges that she was dismissed by the managers of the Akima LLC company after she posted the photo on their social media profiles.

The company did not respond to the request for comment.

Briskman told US media that the company had called her to a meeting a day after informing her human resources department that she was the protagonist of the image that was widely disseminated.

According to the Huffington Post website , his former bosses told him they rated the image as “obscene” or “lascivious,” and therefore considered it to violate the company’s social media policies after having posted it on their accounts. Twitter and Facebook.

However, Briskman defended himself by saying that this did not happen during working hours and that he had not mentioned his employers on social networks.

Briskman also reported that in another incident, a male colleague was allowed to keep his job after he eliminated a publication considered offensive.

Therefore, she questions the reason why she was fired immediately from her position.

No regrets

Briskman is 50 years old, the mother of two children and had been working in the government contractor for six months in the communications area.

Despite losing his job, Briskman said he did not regret making the gesture.

“Somehow, I’m better than ever,” he told The Huffington Post.

“I’m angry about where our country is at this moment, I’m dismayed, this was an opportunity to say something.”

Press photographer Mike Smialowski told AFP that it is common to see people protesting or making obscene gestures to presidents as they drive by.

She explained that she had been impressed by Briskman’s “tenacity” after she made the gesture several times and tried to increase the speed to reach the caravan of cars.

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