These are some of the most spooky sounds in the universe, according to NASA


To celebrate Halloween, NASA published a list of some of the most spooky sounds in the universe.

The list is composed of sounds collected by space probes throughout their travels, including missions to Jupiter, Saturn and other celestial bodies in the confines of the Solar System.

Although sounds are not really heard in space because there is no atmosphere that can carry the sound waves, the instruments of the ships have the ability to capture the radio emissions of these bodies, which are then translated into sound waves. time on Earth.

“When scientists turn these radio signals into sound waves, the results are chilling, NASA says on its page.

The sound with which the list begins captures the moment when the Juno probe crosses the boundaries of Jupiter’s immense magnetic field.

The probe recorded these sounds for two hours on June 24, 2016.

We can also hear in the list waves of plasma, which create a rhythmic cacophony that can be heard through space.

These waves were captured with the EMFISIS instrument, on board the NASA Van Allen rounds.

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