These Two Children Books Have Lessons For Adults

These Two Children Books Have Lessons For Adults


Little match girl published in 1845 and Ugly Duckling published in 1843 are authored by Hans Christian Anderson.

Little Match Girl

The little match is a story of a poor girl who dies in the end due to severe cold. This story gives a clear message of denial and infidelity we have towards our own species.

The girl could have been saved by a portion of food she saw inside a warm house. A blanket would have done enough to save her life but passersby chose to ignore her.

We all feel the pain for this little girl but what about the real life match girls? There are many homeless kids battling the bad weather and lack of food worldwide.

The girl in the book was afraid to go back home because no one had bought matchsticks from her and she fears that her father would beat her up for failing. It points towards the domestic violence and its consequences.

Yearly hundreds of children flee form homes fearing beating. Many of them ends inside the dungeons of drug dealers and child sex rackets.

Ugly Duckling

The book revolves around a duckling who was ugly and was teased by siblings. The duckling however grew to be a beautiful sawn.

It gives away many messages which we as adults need to understand. This book is against prejudice and racism.

Don’t judge anyone over their appearance. Skin color doesn’t define our abilities. Dark color people can achieve their goals professionally if we just let them to.

It also taught us to believe in ourselves. No matter how you look or what color are you? What matters is how hard work you put in.

So this is a story of growth and acknowledgment. If you choose to grow you can be beautiful because of what you will achieve along the way.

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