Things all soon-to-be-parents need to know!

Things all soon-to-be-parents need to know!


New parent? Thinking of having kids? Thinking of not having kids?

The decision to go for completion of the “parenting quest” is not to be made lightly. We’re going to arm you with the knowledge of traps, bosses, and challenges that lie ahead.

Being prepared is key, so let’s stock our inventory with some rarely passed on knowledge.

 1. You will be surprised to learn about the struggles of feeding a 6-month old!


2. Almost everyone around will be giving you instructions on how to raise your baby in the “right way”.


3. You will be judged on little things you do, for instance if you are not holding your baby right or not loving them enough.


4. You always thought you will be a cool parent, however as soon as your kids will grow you will be a 10x times more scarier version of your mom.


5. Everytime your spouse asks you if you need anything the only thing you will want is SLEEP.


6. You are going to try your best to do everything you can but some days you will feel you are messing it all up.


7. As a parent you will do everything you can in your capacity to ensure you kids are happy and have a memorable childhood.

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8. You should start working on your “threatening-your-child-in-public” look as soon as you get a positive pregnancy test…


9. Even though you are going to want to run away from all of it every now and then


10. Never ever doubt yourself and be the best version of yourself for your kids!



**Bonus advice, make sure you and your spouse are supportive of eachother every step of the way!


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