Three Time Prime Minister, An All Time Trouble Maker

Three Time Prime Minister, An All Time Trouble Maker


Wealth and health are two things everyone desires for. Had it been a choice by nature, each and every single one of us would have opted for birth in a wealthy family. And while nature has its own way of gifting us, some are lucky enough to get it all.

The same is the case with our Prime Minister, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. He could have been a world class cricketer, an Oscar winning actor, or to the least world’s top billionaire. But Mian Sahab chose to be the Prime Minister. An apple of everyone’s eye, took upon a demanding role of being the antagonist.

Born in the house of Mian Muhammad, the founder of Ittefaq Group, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif ages 67, and is currently serving his third term as prime minister. Corruption allegations and extra judicial killings and torture are nothing out of ordinary for a politician. For Nawaz Sharif these have been a regular. The primer has a common in his pros and cons — he builds. Be it bridges and motorways or controversies. Every single one of his tenure has been marred by one or the other controversy. Here is a collection.

  1. As Finance Minister Punjab (1976)

Nawaz Sharif became a member of the Pakistan Muslim League in 1976. He was known to have had enjoyed cordial relations with the then martial law administrator Zia. It was during his first tenure that he was granted the favor of return of his foundry. The Ittefaq foundry was nationalized during Bhutto’s regime. The favor criticized, since no other industrialist was able to gain similar expedited return.

  1. As Chief Minister Punjab (1985)

It was for his close relations with General Zia, that Nawaz Sharif was made the Chief Minister of Punjab. While the corruption charges did echo around, it was his position and assembly’s outliving that topped the rest. In 1988 Zia went on dismissing all the assemblies except for the Punjab Assembly. This was because of the cordialness and trust both Zia and Sharif had enjoyed.

  1. As Prime Minister (1990)

Nawaz Sharif acceded to the ultimate seat of power in 1990. Though a short lived tenure, it was during these times that the ruling party of Nawaz Sharif was accused of taking support from the military both in man power and finances. It is believed that a sum of PKR 15 million was distributed by the ISI. It was also during this tenure that the Paper Mill scandal was unearthed. He was asked to resign by General Vahied Kakar in 1993.

  1. As Prime Minister (1997)

Nawaz Sharif became the Prime Minister for the second time in 1997. The victory was a land sliding one and led to the formation of the famous Kitchen Cabinet. The tenure that was even shorter than his previous one had a number of corruption and legal scandals. Though, Pakistan attained its nuclear status, the tenure saw the bloody Kargil controversy at the same time. Nawaz Sharif is believed to have succumbed to the pressure exerted by US President Bill Clinton ordering his forces to withdraw from crucial posts. Yellow cab scandal and the Danish School also emerged during the same time. The all hyped Mayfair apartments are also believed to have been purchased in this tenure. Sharif was ousted by the Army Chief General Musharaf, who went on declaring Martial Law, and jailed Sharif. It was only at the intervention of Saudi Arabia that Sharif was allowed to leave Pakistan and live in exile for over a decade.

  1. As Prime Minister (2013)

The ongoing is Nawaz Sharif’s third term as Prime Minister. Though the current one does not have the same financial and legal drama, the Panama case has tarnished all that remained of his public image. The decision that many have interpreted as one favoring the Premiere, does all but that. The Supreme Court of Pakistan may have had let Mian Sahab live another day but their observations are far from satisfying. The court is clearly disappointed over the evidence and finds Nawaz Sharif misleading the institution. It is to be seen how the investigation by JIT concludes in coming two months.

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