Time to transform the traditional way of watching TV with this tech-giant device

Time to transform the traditional way of watching TV with this tech-giant device


Big modern TVs are a good choice if you are looking for a home theatre, but they are not portable and can cost months of your salary for a good one. We’ve all got bills to pay and can’t really afford that!

Having an expensive TV set only in one room is a huge drawback for people who lead an active lifestyle or have bigger families.

If you want to replace your ageing TV, watch your favorite movies and TV series or even play your console literally anywhere, be able to put on cartoons on a camping trip or in your back yard – then read on.


Redefining TV with this Giant?

The Lumipal 2000 is a premium HD projector that’s as big and portable as a small book!

Design engineers in Japan have crammed all the power, brightness and awesomeness of an expensive projector into this tiny book-sized device!

Now you can project your favorite content on any surface, even your ceiling and in high-quality 1080p.

Lumipal 2000 can handle all of possible inputs – HDMI, AV, CVBS and, of course, USB. – meaning you can project literally anything on it!

Its brightness is a stunning 800 Lumens. Not only surprising for a unit so small but 800 lumens is also considered by many the ‘sweet spot’ – not too bright that it hurts the eyes and causes headaches, but easily bright enough to use during daytime in the shade.


How does it operate?

1) Plug it in and face it at a wall, ceiling, blinds, garage door – whatever!

2) Simply focus the picture using the lens dial – no professionals needed here, a 10 seconds job for a kid!

3) Press Play – just like that, you can relax and get immersed in a movie or your favorite sports event.

Congratulations, you’ve now saved a ton of money on that expensive TV you were going to buy!


“I spent thousands of dollars on my last TV. Decided to try a projector and I’m more than impressed with the Lumipal…”
John N.

The biggest 4K TV is only 100-inches and costs a ridiculous amount of money and then another $100 to install.

Meanwhile, the Portable Projector will turn your living room into a COMPLETE HOME THEATER, blasting up to 220 inches screen size on your wall, in full HD, for a fraction of the price!


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