Trump and Putin discuss by telephone how to resolve the conflict with North Korea

Trump and Putin discuss by telephone how to resolve the conflict with North Korea


On the same day, the Russian president praised the US economy in his traditional end of the year press conference.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, spoke on Thursday (14.12.2017) by telephone about solutions to face the “very dangerous situation” with North Korea, according to a statement from the House Blanca

The press conference that the president of Russia offers every year is nothing more than a ritual that is broadcast nationwide. That event says both about Putin and local journalists, says Miodrag Soric. (14.12.2017)

“The two presidents discussed working together to resolve the very dangerous situation in North Korea,” the brief statement said.

The Kremlin, meanwhile, also published a short statement stating that the two heads of state discussed “the situation in several crisis areas, with a focus on solving the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula.”

Precisely this Thursday, the Russian president offered his classic annual end-of-year press conference, in which, asked about his assessment of Trump’s first year at the helm of the White House, he said he sees “some pretty important achievements.”

“Look at how the markets are reacting, they are growing, this shows confidence in the US economy, with all due respect to (Trump’s) opponents, these are objective facts,” Putin said.

In particular, the head of the Kremlin referred to the growth of the markets due to “the confidence of investors in the US economy, to which they trust in what President Trump does”.


US-Präsident Donald Trump telemarketing with Merkel und Putin (picture alliance / Marovich / Pool via CNP / MediaP)

During his call, “Trump thanked Putin for his recognition of the solid economic performance of the United States.”

At his press conference in Moscow, Putin also said he wanted to normalize relations with Washington, and stressed that “there are many issues” in which both countries can “join forces”, among which he cited the fight against international terrorism.

“I think Trump and I would be talking to each other, but we see little,” he said later about their personal relationship.

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