Trump asks to reunite the families of separated migrants

Trump asks to reunite the families of separated migrants


The US president will ask his government to act to end the drama of children separated from their parents after crossing the border irregularly.

USA - Protest gegen Trennung von Einwandererfamilien (picture-alliance / dpa / J.Lamberti)

US President Donald Trump said on Thursday (21.06.2018) that he will ask his government to act to reunify immigrant families that have been separated since last April, a situation that affects more than 2,300 children.

“I am ordering the Department of Health and Human Services, the National Security and the Justice Department to work together to keep the families of illegal immigrants together and bring together those groups that were previously separated,” Trump told reporters at a press conference. meeting with his cabinet.

That order is a step more than Trump issued with his decree on Wednesday, which ended the separation of immigrant children from their parents on the border with Mexico, but did not resolve the situation of children who have already been removed of their parents.

“We have to house these children and we have to shelter them safely, and take care of them, and then we should return them home,” that is, deport them, Trump defended.

A policy change that has separated more than 2,300 children

At least 2,342 children have been separated from their parents since last April, when the US government initiated a policy of “zero tolerance” that leads to criminal charges against any adult who crosses the border with Mexico, who was then separated from minors. with whom he will travel.

Trump decided on Wednesday that, from now on, undocumented children will not be separated from their parents, but will be held indefinitely with their families in immigration detention centers. However, his government acknowledged then that he had no plans to facilitate the family reunification of children who have already been alienated from their parents, something that seems to have changed today, based on Trump’s words.

The president did not give details on how that reunification will be facilitated, and focused most of his speech on criticizing the democratic opposition and accusing it of being the root of the problem.

“They want us to take care of the children and that’s fine, but they do not want to give us the money to take care of the children,” said Trump, who said Democrats believe that the images of the immigration crisis improve their prospects before the legislative elections of November.

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