Trump: China can solve “easily” the North Korean crisis


The US president stressed that he had agreed with Xi “not to replicate the failed approaches of the past, there were many,” in efforts to end Pyongyang’s atomic program.

hina “can easily and quickly solve” the crisis created by North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, US President Donald Trump said today (09.11.2017) in Beijing.

Speaking at a business forum during his state visit to China, Trump asked Chinese President Xi Jinping, who was sitting next to him, to work “very intensely” on this issue. “One thing I know about your president: if you work on something intensely, you will achieve it, there is no doubt,” Trump assured the executives of large Chinese corporations present at the event.

However, the US president did not stop thanking Xi profusely for the measures that Beijing has taken in recent months, especially recent decisions to further limit trade with Pyongyang and cut banking ties.

“Committed to denuclearization”

For his part, Xi Jinping said that Beijing and Washington “are committed to the denuclearization” of the Korean peninsula and seek a solution through “peaceful discussions” with the aim of achieving “long-term stability” of the region.

China Trump auf erster Asien-Reise (picture-alliance / AP / A. Harnik)The president of EE. UU., Donald Trump, and his wife, Melania, in the Forbidden City in Beijing

“A historical miracle”

On the other hand, both leaders attended in Beijing to sign trade agreements between the two economic powers worth 253,500 million dollars (218,000 million euros). The agreements reached, described as “a historic miracle” by the Chinese side, affect among others the energy, automotive, technology and aeronautics sectors.

The commercial agenda of Donald Trump in China

Notable among them is that achieved by three Chinese state companies (China Petrochemical Group, China Investment Corporation and Bank of China) for the exploration and extraction of gas in Alaska, worth 43,000 million dollars (37,000 million euros). On the other hand, the US firm Boeing and China Aviation Supply Holding Company agreed to produce aircraft worth 37,000 million dollars (32,000 million euros).

“These are good examples of the great potential and the mutually beneficial nature of Sino-US cooperation,” President Xi said at the close of the business forum held in Beijing.

Trump, for his part, lamented that the trade relations between China and the United States have not been closer in the past, although he affirmed that he “does not blame” it on China, but rather on Washington administrations prior to his.

Similarly, Xi Jinping asked Trump that EE. UU allow a greater flow of technology transfer to China. “We are confident that the United States will work more on technology transfer, and that more Chinese companies will invest in that country,” said Xi.

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