Trump: commercial relationship between the EU and the US It is “unfair”

Trump: commercial relationship between the EU and the US It is “unfair”


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, said he had “many problems” with the European Union (EU) and that the commercial relationship of the EU bloc with his country is “unfair”.

In an interview broadcast this Sunday (28.01.2018) with the British channel ITV recorded last Thursday in Davos (Switzerland), the president pointed out that the EU’s position with respect to trade with the United States. it will go to its “detriment” in the future and that’s why there will be negative consequences.

“I have many problems with the European Union, I am the representative of the United States, it is a very unfair situation, we can not introduce our product (in the EU), it is very, very hard,” said Trump.

“And, even so, they send their product to us, without taxes, with very few taxes, it’s very unfair,” the president insisted.

The commercial relationship between the EU and the USA is narrow. More than one fifth of EU exports in 2015 went to the United States (20.8 percent), according to UN statistics, while 18.2 percent of US exports went to the EU. However, the arrival of Trump to the White House resulted in the freezing of negotiations on the TTIP free trade agreement between the EU and the states.

On the “brexit”, Trump said that if he were in the same position as the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, she would negotiate with greater “harshness” her exit from the Union. The US president said he “would have adopted a different attitude” to May’s in the negotiations with Brussels and “would have said that the European Union is not as wonderful as it is supposed to be.”

Trump said he maintains a “very good relationship, although many people think not,” with the head of the British government, and argued that the conservative president is doing “a very good job” in front of the Executive.

When questioned about the controversial messages on Twitter of the far-right organization Britain First, which he shared in November and caused tensions with the May executive, the US president was willing to apologize.

“If you are telling me that these people are horrible, racist, I would certainly apologize if you want me to,” Trump said in the interview.

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