Trump on Syria: “Sometimes it’s time to go home”

Trump on Syria: “Sometimes it’s time to go home”


“I want to get out of there (Syria), I want to bring our troops home and rebuild our country,” Trump said Tuesday at a joint press conference with the presidents of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Syrien US-Truppen im Grenzgebiet zur Türkei (picture alliance / AP Photo / S. George)US troops face the border with Turkey from a small post near the city of Manbij, in northern Syria.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, once again implied (03.04.2018) that he wants to withdraw Syrian troops from Syria as soon as possible and said he will make a decision soon.

“Sometimes it’s time to go home,” he said today in reference to the US soldiers fighting in Syria against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia. “We will take a decision very soon,” he said.

Trump said there are countries that want the United States to stay in Syria, citing Saudi Arabia as an example. “But then they must pay for it,” he said. “I want to bring our soldiers home,” he said and said it was more important to rebuild their own country. The president pointed out that the United States invested seven trillion in the Near East. “And we saw nothing but death and destruction,” he added.

Votel contradicts Trump

In spite of Trump’s statements, the General Islamic State (EI, chief of the Central Command of the Armed Forces (CENTCOM), warned today that the most difficult “is still to come.” “The hardest part, I think, is still The stabilization of these regions, the consolidation of our victories, the return of people to their homes and the problems of long-term reconstruction, “Votel said today during a talk at the United States Institute. of Peace (USIP).

According to General Votel, who commands the US troops deployed in the Middle East, the situation in Syria is “getting more and more complicated”, since now that the jihadist threat “has diminished” “other challenges” begin to surface. the different actors involved.

A complicated conflict

With these words he referred to the complicated balance that marks the conflict in Syria, in which Russia fights the Islamists together with the Forces of President Bashar Al Assad, while the United States does the same but integrated into an alliance of which they are part the opposition Democratic Syria Forces (FSD).

Also part of this coalition is the Kurdish Syrian People’s Protection Units (YPG), which in recent weeks has moved to the north of the country, near the border with Syria, which has led to Ankara to take action on the issue and begin an offensive in the region.

“They are very deep ideological differences, so the problem is more complicated to solve than simply saying: ‘we have to take the Kurds to the other side of the river (Euphrates) and everything will be fixed,’ lamented the military.

For this reason, Votel advocated to develop “mechanisms on the ground”, based on dialogue and diplomacy, to “reduce these tensions that continue to arise”, while maintaining the pressure campaign against the jihadists.

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